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国庆节英语怎么说 用英语怎么介绍国庆节

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    国庆节的英文:National Day

    国庆节快乐的英文:Happy National Day!


    1. Colourful neon lights were hung here and there during National Day.


    2. National Day falls on a Monday this year.


    3. The National Day is drawing closer.


    4. The laughter on the boats mingled with that on shore, adding to the jubilation on National Day.

    船上和岸上的笑声交汇在一起, 增加了国庆节的欢乐气氛.

    5. The National Day and the International Labour Day are great events in China.


     6. I spent the National Day at Weihai.


    7. There will be a garden party on National Day.


    8. National day is come into contact with gradually on day.


    9. On National Day red flags are hung out of every window.


    10. It's a fortnight to National Day.



    October 1 is China's National Day.

    The Chinese people in under the China communist leadership, advanced uninterruptedly, have gained the great victory which the people revolutionized.

    On October 1, 1949, has held the founding ceremony in the capital Beijing Tiananmen Square, in rumble the salute sound, Central People's Government President Mao Zedong announced dignified the People's Republic of China establishment and raised personally the first Five-Starred Red Flag.

    Gathers the Tiananmen Square 300,000 soldiers and civilians carried on grand reviewing troops to parade for .

    10 months with the celebration 1st are our country's National Days, why decided as this day the National Day? The Chinese people pass through for more than 100 years to fight bravely heroically, in under the China .

    unist leadership, has gained the great victory which the people revolutionize. In October 1, 1949 announced the People's Republic of China is tenable, this is in the Chinese history in a greatest transformation . 1949 year September Political Consultative Conference session of conference decided decides as October 1 the National Day.










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